What’s up everyone!

My name is Kevin Johns and I am the creator of Sunglasses and Smiles. I am currently a student at Virginia Tech majoring in Biological Systems Engineering. My passions have grown to spreading happiness to other people because I realize now just how important that really is. And there’s no better time to come together than now.

Sunglasses and Smiles is an idea I came up with early in my first semester at college. The sunglasses stand for a change in perspective on a certain problem you might be facing. Sometimes the light may be too strong and it’s hard to see what truly matters. Once you put on sunglasses, you are able to focus on what’s most important and overcome whatever you might be facing. After that, the smiles come next, and you can truly achieve inner peace. I want this idea to develop into an organization to spread peace and positivity to everyone around the world.