Getting Past the “How are you?” “Good”

Sometimes life changes up on you instantaneously. These past few days for me have been filled with more emotion than I have experienced in a while. That’s why I have a few thoughts I’m trying to get down to help me understand these past few days myself.

One thing I always found different when I came to college is the amount of people you meet. However, even though I’ve met more people, I feel like I don’t know them on a deeper level than my friends from back home. Just from walking on campus I’ll see people I’ve met briefly, and give them a “hey” followed with “how are you?” That’s really it. Then I won’t see them for who knows how long after that. I greet a lot of people with those same words, but I feel like our meetings are so brief that I can’t really get to know this person that I’ve met once before. Back in my hometown, I am with the same people all the time so I had many years to develop relationships and really understand them. Now, it’s hard to get past the “how are you?” and the classic response of “good.” The thing with me is that I don’t want to hear “good.” When I ask someone how they are I truly want to know how they’re doing. When I briefly pass someone and going to class sadly “good” is about the best I can get. For most people, I feel like that doesn’t show the whole picture. I want to know what’s going on with people, and show them the comfort they need if someone wants to open up to me and tell me what is happening in their lives. There needs to be more of that deeper interaction, especially in college, where it seems like young adults are constantly within a stressful environment. When you’re not having the best day, I’d rather you tell me that than get a simple “good.” Keeping feelings bottled up doesn’t make you feel any better. Once you share them and get them off your chest it can feel like an everlasting weight is lifted from your shoulders.

That’s my goal here. I want people to share their feelings to me so I can really listen and understand how their life is going. Even if life is going great tell me about it! Sharing what’s going on with you allows you to build stronger relationships and allow you to have someone to talk too that you feel comfortable with. I want people to share with me because I don’t want negative emotions to bottle up. If it’s not me, talk to your parents or other friends. Don’t allow bad thoughts boil up until you can’t handle it anymore. Talking relieves stress and makes things look clearer than when a million thoughts plow through your head at one time. I know it’s happened to me more times than I can count, but talking about them helps me relax and push those numerous thoughts out.

Just some early Wednesday morning wisdom for ya! Been away for some time because of school, but this blogger is marking his return. Similar to Shaun White’s return to gold with his back to back double cork 1440’s. I swear the Flying Tomato is not human. That guy is awesome!

Peace out

– Kev

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