Creating Sunglasses and Smiles: Part 2

Okay, in the midst of studying for finals I thought I’d breakdown how “2S” was fully developed. I’m also rocking to a Christmas playlist on spotify and I am really feeling that holiday spirit. It’s getting those creative writing juices flowing. Last Christmas I gave you my heart. Sorry, I was just singing along. Time to get to the good stuff.

So, after initially creating Sunglasses and Smiles as a slogan to describe myself, it eventually became something much more than that. I kind of forgot about the idea for a few months in college because I didn’t really know how to develop it at the time. Then, as the spring semester of my freshman year was coming to a close I got a photo back from Dear World that I took earlier in the semester. When Dear World came to Virginia Tech, I knew that was a great opportunity to get my message out there. You can see the picture below. When I got this photo, there was a tough situation going on back in my hometown. It was something difficult for me to understand and deal with, but receiving this photo allowed me to remember the good in every bad instance. So, I ended up posting this picture online so other people could unite under it, and it was the first time I truly believed that this plan can have a real impact on other people.

After posting the photo online, I still didn’t know what to do with Sunglasses and Smiles beyond that. Until late this semester did I create this website to put the idea into an interactive setting. I am excited to see where it goes from here and I am looking forward to the journey. Hopefully other people are excited and we can work together to change the world.


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