Creating Sunglasses and Smiles: Part 1

I created Sunglasses and Smiles, also abbreviated as “2S”, to describe myself. Early on during my freshman year of college I applied for a leadership club at Virginia Tech. The application asked me for a slogan to describe myself. One night, I was laying in my bed ready to rest up the body for a big day ahead. Then, this thought just popped into my head. Sunglasses and Smiles. Literally came to me instantly. Guess my best ideas come to me in bed. Good to know. The meaning behind this slogan is composed from two parts. The first being the sunglasses, and the second being the smiles. The sunglasses represent a change in perspective. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to see in front of you when it’s bright outside, and sunglasses allow you to focus in on what you want to see. To me, that felt similar to the feeling of focusing on the one good thing if you’re going through a difficult time of your life. You know, if it seems like everything is going against you, just stop thinking. Thinking about too many things create havoc in your mind. Just focus on a great thing that happened to you that should make you proud. One day a few months ago, I parked my car so well in a spot. It was so smooth, like some Fast and Furious level type skill. That is what I focused on that day to make it better. That’s all you need. Is a change in perspective. Realize that whatever is bothering you has no place in your mind to take it over for so long. Find that one positive thing in your day to push it away. Alter your perspective and things always look better.

After a change in perspective, that’s when I see the smiles taking place. Focusing on the important moments in your life allows you to obtain that inner peace and happiness that we all strive for. Once that happens, then the smiles come out and instantly everything looks better. Once that happens, other people will see that and begin  showing their smiles as well. That’s the entire point of this idea. To spread happiness and make everyone feel better if they’re not already. I understand how Sunglasses and Smiles applies to me for a slogan, but I realized it could be so much bigger than myself. I did not want to leave the idea in the dust, so I created this website to hopefully get the idea out there and make it a unifying force for different people to join and spread joy to the world.

The idea has been put on hold for about a year because college has been taking up a lot of my time. This is too important to let go. I feel like this can have a real impact. Not only on my friends, but hopefully people that have no idea who I am. So many people tell me how much my smile means to them, but I want all people to have that bright smile. Then, there can only be happiness and no one ever has to focus on the bad things that happen in life. Life is beautiful, and we should only see it that way.


Follow me on this journey and we will always feel eternally grateful.

Enjoy your day!

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